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Wampler Moxie Overdrive Pedal

The original Ibanez® Tube Screamer® is one of the most emulated circuit designs of all time and has been pushing amplifiers since it was first released in the late 1970s. While many companies create 808/TS9 style pedals, the TS10® was always a favorite of Brian’s. Capable of anything from light boost to a gritty drive that can send an amplifier into heavily overdriven tones, the Moxie is an ultra-flexible, wonderfully warm and rich pedal but with an extra bite.

In addition to the standard controls, Brian has added two unique switches. The Voice switch adds clarity by changing the entire EQ associated with this design giving it a more transparent yet robust tone. The Fat switch adds an extra dimension of gain with a custom MOSFET clipping stage, reminiscent of a classic high-end boutique amp. 

Wampler Moxie Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Based on a classic green overdrive pedal and powered by the classic 4558 for authentic screaming tones
  • Ultra-flexible design goes from a smooth boost to all-out amp-driving grit
  • Incredibly sensitive to picking dynamics
  • Stacks well with other overdrives
  • Voice switch enhances clarity and increases transparency by dropping midrange and kicking up the bass and treble
  • Fat switch incorporates a custom-designed MOSFET clipping stage to inject your sound with a dose of organic drive
  • Mini pedal form factor is exceptionally pedalboard friendly

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