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Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb Pedal

The Faux Spring Reverb has been a staple on many players boards for many years now, and when it was discontinued a few years ago Brian received numerous requests to bring it back since then. Not being one to be content with just reissuing something, Brian decided to take all of the feedback from players he had received and give it a bit if an upgrade.

The result was the birth of the Mini Faux Spring Reverb. Following the idea of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” he just added more of what players love. More decay, more drippiness and more of that bouncy spring tone players love in the bigger Reverb tanks. Despite sounding bigger and fuller, he decided to condense it down into a mini enclosure to fit perfectly at the end if any chain to grab and go.

Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb Guitar Pedal Features:

  • Popular spring reverb in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure
  • Level knob controls the amount of reverb that's merged with your original signal
  • Tone knob controls the overall tonality of the reverb without affecting your base tone
  • Depth knob dictates the amount of time the reverb continues on before fading out
  • True bypass switching won't affect your tone when disengaged
  • Simple-to-use 3-knob layout
  • Up to 2.8 seconds of reverb time
  • Built with high-grade components

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