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Silicon or germanium — each transistor style has left its lasting mark on the Fuzz Face legacy, but why limit yourself to one or the other? The MXR Custom Shop Hybrid Fuzz combines both the raw, ragged sound of a germanium Fuzz Face with the smoother sonics of the later silicon-based Fuzz Face, placing both voices onto a single control for a sweeping range of old-school fuzz ferocity. And while the MXR Custom Shop Hybrid Fuzz may sport but a 2-knob setup of a Volume and Fuzz control, this pedal’s incredibly dynamic response and highly reactive controls deliver everything from screaming psychedelic ’60s leads to grinding wall-of-sound distortion. It’s a loving tribute to and seamless integration of the Fuzz Face’s two most influential iterations, ready to cover all your vintage-style fuzzy needs.

MXR Custom Shop Hybrid Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Hybrid fuzz pedal that combines the famous fuzz sounds of the revered Fuzz Face pedal’s 2 most iconic iterations
  • Contains both silicon- and germanium-style fuzz tones on the sweep of a single knob
  • Exceptionally reactive to your guitar’s tone and volume controls
  • Custom finish from design studio One Horse Town pays tribute to the Hybrid Fuzz’s psychedelic heritage


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