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EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny Reverb Pedal

The Astral Destiny is a compact and powerful modulated octave reverb pedal that features 8 reverb modes with 8 editable presets, assignable expression control, tails for natural reverb decay when the effect is bypassed and a super cool stretch feature that doubles the length of the reverb while adding an adjustable pitch bending effect.

Explore new sonic horizons with eight reverb modes

Astral Destiny offers much more than the popular shimmer reverb effect, with a total of eight distinct reverb modes.

  • Abyss: cavernous reverb effect, no octave effect
  • Shimmer: adds an upper octave to your reverb tail
  • Sub: adds a lower octave to your reverb tail
  • Sub Shimmer: adds upper and lower octaves to your reverb tail
  • Astral: adds upper and lower octaves, plus a regenerating reverb tail
  • Ascend: adds an upward pitch bending effect, recommended for sustained notes and chords
  • Descend: adds a downward pitch bending effect, recommended for sustained notes and chords
  • Cosmos: adds a regenerating fifth interval to your reverb tail, recommended for sustained notes and chords

EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny Pedal Features:

  • 8 distinct reverb modes including vast spaces, octave up and down effects, chorus, and pitch bending effects
  • 8 user preset slots for saving your favorite custom settings
  • Selectable Trails or true bypass switching
  • Add chorus to any reverb with Depth and Rate controls
  • Connect an expression pedal (sold separately) for hands-free manipulation

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