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MXR M269SE Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay Pedal

MXR's Carbon Copy Bright analog delay pedal is designed for players looking for a more present and articulate delay tone. The core of the Bright shares the same 100% analog Bucket Brigade circuitry as the popular first-generation MXR Carbon Copy, but the Bright is tuned for more clarity. Its voice lends itself well to delay stacking, giving you a decidedly three-dimensional sound when used with the darker-sounding original. The MXR Carbon Copy Bright delay pedal has all the analog goodness you want with a slightly brighter tone.

MXR Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay Effects Pedal Features:
  • A brighter take on the classic Carbon Copy
  • All-analog Bucket Brigade circuitry
  • Sound stacks well with darker original model
  • Mod button adds modulation to the delay
  • True bypass won't color your tone
  • 600ms of delay time

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