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Aphex Punch Factory Compressor & D.I.

The Aphex Punch Factory Optical Compressor has complex attack and release characteristics to enhance your sound without changing your tone. And it won't break up, even with tremendous amounts of gain reduction - up to 20dB or more. Guitarists love the sustain that goes on forever, the transparent compression, plus the clean boost. With the Punch Factory, you can get loud and stay loud.

Simple controls include drive and volume knobs together with an Active/Passive select switch that accommodates the hottest pickups. Other features on this Aphex optical compressor include a low Z output to drive long cords effortlessly, true bypass, and LED bar graph showing gain reduction in dBs, and long battery life--100-150 hrs on a 9V battery. It can also be flexibly powered externally with 7-36VDC with any polarity. If the plug fits, it works. Features

  • Complex attack and release characteristics
  • No break up even with 20dB or more of gain Produces near endless sustain plus transparent compression and clean boost
  • Drive and volume knobs
  • Active/Passive select switch accommodates the hottest pickups
  • Low Z output to drive long cords
  • True bypass
  • LED bar graph shows gain reduction in dBs
  • Long battery life -- up to 100-150 hours on a 9V battery
  • Works with 7-36VDC external power with any polarity

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